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Women Of The Movement

Released in January 2022 on ABC, this limited series produced by Kapital Entertainment told the story of Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett Till whose murder received international attention and is widely credited with sparking the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Due to COVID concerns, the series could not be filmed in the short timeframe of the cotton bloom which the creative team wanted to showcase. Pixel Magic was tasked with creating cotton field extensions using 2D and 3D methodologies. COVID restrictions also prevented use of a large amount of extras for crowd shots, and Pixel Magic utilized its crowd extension experience to help with on-set supervision of plate shooting and compositing to recreate the historical scenes portrayed in this series. This series was shot at the historical location of Greenwood Mississippi where Emmett's murder took place while he vacationed at his Uncle's cotton farm. The court scenes were shot at the courthouse in Sumner Mississippi where the actual trial of Emmett's killers took place in which they were acquitted. They later confessed to the murder in a magazine interview.

VFX Personnel

  • Raymond McIntyre Jr. - VFX Supervisor
  • Victor DiMichina - VFX Producer

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Women Of The Movement