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35+ years of experience with motion pictures and television

Industry leading visual effects

Here at Pixel Magic we recently celebrated our 35th year anniversary of providing digital visual effects for motion pictures and television. Our efficient production pipeline combined with our knowledge of visual effects allows us to tackle any size project from independent art-style films up to holiday weekend blockbusters.

2D to 3D Stereo Conversion
Elevate your 2D content with our expert 3D stereo conversion, adding depth and dimension to create immersive visual experiences.
Full Range of Visual Effects Services
We offer a comprehensive array of VFX services, delivering everything from CGI and animation to compositing and special effects for all media types.
On-Set VFX Supervision
Our on-set VFX supervision ensures seamless integration of visual effects with live-action, providing expert guidance from planning to execution.
Plate Photography
Capture the perfect background elements with our high-quality plate photography, setting the stage for realistic and cohesive VFX integration.
Optimize your production with our pre-visualization services, offering detailed previews for efficient planning of complex scenes and VFX sequences.
Film/HD Restoration
Breathe new life into classic films with our advanced film and HD restoration services, enhancing and preserving your valuable visual content.

Everything you need

Visual Effects and 3D Animation

Our team excels in creating stunning, lifelike 3D animations and visual effects that captivate and inspire. From intricate character designs to expansive digital worlds, we transform ideas into vivid visual experiences.

CG Environments
Transform your scenes with our custom CG environments, ranging from fantastical landscapes to ultra-realistic urban settings, tailored to bring your creative vision to life.
CG Characters/Animals
Bring characters and creatures of all kinds to life with our CG character and animal animation services, offering unparalleled realism and expressive detail.
CG Hard Surface Modeling and Texturing
Specializing in hard surface modeling, our team crafts high-quality CG objects with intricate textures, perfect for vehicles, machinery, and architectural elements.
Building Destruction; breakage of solid objects
Master the art of cinematic destruction with our services in building demolition and breakage of solid objects, delivering jaw-dropping realism and dynamic impact.
Create Smoke/Rain/Clouds/Dust/Tornadoes
Enhance your scenes with our ability to create atmospheric effects like smoke, rain, clouds, dust, and tornadoes, adding depth and mood to your visual narratives.
Particles Animation (flying birds; falling leaves, schools of fish, etc)
Animate the intricate dance of nature with our particle animation services, perfect for scenes needing birds, leaves, fish, and more, adding a layer of authenticity and dynamism.
Set Extensions
Expand your filming locations virtually with our set extension capabilities, seamlessly extending physical sets into vast, believable environments in post-production.
Wire and Rig Removals
Clean up your shots with our wire and rig removal services, erasing unwanted elements to maintain the illusion of reality in your final product.
Crowd Duplication
Create the illusion of bustling crowds or armies with our crowd duplication services, efficiently populating your scenes without the need for large numbers of extras.

Meet our team

Our team is a blend of creative visionaries and technical wizards, each passionate about pushing the boundaries of imagination through stunning visual effects. United by a love for digital artistry, we bring to life the most captivating and intricate visual narratives.

  • Ray McIntyre Jr.

    VFX Supervisor / President

  • Victor DiMichina

    Production Supervisor


Celebrating our success

VES Winner

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty; Beat L.A.

Ray McIntyre Jr., Victor DiMichina, Javier Menéndez Platas, Damien Stantina

VES Winner

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture

The Last Samurai

Jeff Okun, Thomas Boland, Ray McIntyre Jr., William Mesa

VES Nomination

Outstanding Compositing in a Motion Picture

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

George Marci, Michael Hardison, Patrick Murphy, Dan Tresize

Telly Winner

Telly Award for Best Animation

Casper Meets Wendy

Ray McIntyre Jr.

Emmy Nomination

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Special Visual Effects

The Tuskeegee Airmen


What people say about us

“Pixel Magic is a great example of the kind of companies we hoped to position Louisiana to secure when we strengthened Louisiana’s film production and digital-interactive media tax credits during the last legislative session.”

Bobby Jindal
Louisiana State Govenor

“During a tight and demanding post schedule on Rush Hour 3, we were always able to rely on Pixel Magic for beautiful work. I greatly appreciated the truly collaborative nature of working with Tyler Foell & Ray McIntyre Jr. in the creation of everything from deadly flying knives to large crowd simulations. Thanks for all your hard work guys and I look forward to working with you again.”

Adam Howard
Co-VFX Supervisor
Rush Hour 3

“Our experience with Pixel Magic was not only technically excellent, but the creativity, professionalism and the extraordinary work you provided added to the overall feel and texture of the film itself. You made our shots and us look good. THANK YOU.”

Jeff Okun
VFX Supervisor
Blood Diamond

“In 300, we were aiming for a very specific, stylized look, and the shots demanded both a high level of creative and technical proficiency. Pixel Magic was able to meet those demands head on and provide us with a great battle sequence! I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Chris Watts
VFX Supervisor

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