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Toluca Lake, CA/Lafayette, LA, June 11, 2014…Pixel Magic announced it recently completed over 100 visual effects shots for Sony Pictures Entertainment's feature "22 Jump Street", a sequel to the 2012 hit movie, "21 Jump Street".


Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, this action comedy has a similar plot to its predecessor whereby Officers Schmidt (starring Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) go undercover at a local college to crack a drug ring under the supervision of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube).  


Raymond McIntyre Jr. of Pixel Magic was called upon for 2nd Unit VFX Supervision supporting Edwin Rivera, the overall VFX Supervisor for the production.  The Pixel Magic team was tapped to create all of the visual effects for the establishing action scene of the Metro City Port, and many other shots in various scenes throughout the movie.  CG elements were created for many shots on Metro City Port, such as the CG gantry crane and CG netting that tangles up the heroes, CG windshield cracks on the 18 wheeler truck, and CG octopus tentacles.


Later in the movie, for spring break in Puerto Mexico, Pixel Magic created thousands of CG beach goers for the beach party.  Along with the CG, Pixel Magic did numerous green screen composites and many complex rig removals.  


The company completed a major portion of the work for “22 Jump Street” in its Louisiana facility, and production management and client reviews in its Los Angeles offices. 


In addition to “22 Jump Street”, Pixel Magic recently completed 150 shots of CG & green screen crowds for "When The Game Stands Tall", a Mandalay Pictures production.  They are now working on "My All American" for Anthem Productions, “Barely Lethal” for RKO Pictures, and Hallmark’s "Big Sky".


About Pixel Magic:


Located in the media district of Toluca Lake, California since 1985, and in Lafayette, Louisiana since 2010, Pixel Magic has earned a long list of film and television credits including everything from Hollywood blockbuster films to cult classics.  


The company maintains a culture of combining art and technical expertise.  The company’s efficient production pipeline, combined with its knowledge of visual effects, allows it to tackle any size project, from independent art-style films up to holiday weekend blockbusters.


Pixel Magic’s satellite office in Lafayette, Louisiana, allows it to offer its qualifying customers aggressive tax incentives for film and digital media production. 


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